On Tuesday, the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame announced the nominees for their 2018 class.

Among this year’s nominees are some familiar names that have provided us with hit singles throughout the years.

According to Billboard, Mariah Carey has earned her first SHOF nomination after being recognized as the artist with the most No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. She has a total of 18 No.1 hits, 17 of which she co-wrote.

N.W.A has also earned a nomination for the 2018 class. Releasing their debut album in 1988, the rap-group has released a number of hits that have gone down in hip-hop history.

The groups nomination follows in the footsteps of Jay-Z who became the first rapper to be inducted into the SHOF earlier this year.

Artists become eligible to be inducted after they have been writing songs for at least 20 years.

Other nominees include the Isley Brothers, Kool & the Gang. Another familiar name is Jermaine Dupri who has been nominated as one of the non-performing artists.

Six songwriters or songwriting groups will be inducted on June 14th in New York City.


Check out a list of full nominees here.



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