Master P’s brother Corey Miller also known as #CMurder has been in jail since 2009 after being convicted of shooting and killing a teen in a Louisiana nightclub. He was sentenced to life in prison, but he has always maintained his innocence. Last week, the rapper began a hunger strike to protest Angola Prison’s deplorable conditions, Assistant Warden Barrett Boeker, Warden Darrel Vannoy, The Department of Corrections and James LeBlanc The Secretary of DOC.

“I am now on a hunger strike to fight these injustices against my peers and against myself,” C. Miller tells @AllHipHop. “Only in Angola can a Warden be arrested for rape and continue to serve as an officer in this Louisiana Penal System. This Warden has an abundant amount of racism and physical harm complaints against him from other inmates. We need an internal affairs investigation now.”

Yesterday, Master P provided more insight into why his brother needs some support during this hunger strike. It turns out that there is proof that Corey Miller is innocent. “The club have a camera [that] shows who’s the shooter, and also somebody confessed to the crime,” he tells XXL.

The alleged suspect reportedly signed an affidavit and confessed to the murder on audio, but there seems to be a conspiracy to keep C. Miller jailed.

Check out his clip Master P made to help bring awareness to his brother’s situation.

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