Meek Mill’s mom spoke at a news conference at the University of Pennsylvania today and tearfully asked District Attorney Larry Krasner to “step in” and help her son get out of prison.

“I’m begging the DA,” Kathy Williams said in her first public statement. “Can you please help me out?”

The rapper’s mother, who stood alongside Meek Mill’s attorney Joe Tacopina, questioned Judge Genece E. Brinkley’s decision to sentence her son to four years behind bars. “I don’t even understand how he’s been on probation for that many years. It’s like he murdered somebody,” she said. “He has to beg to see his son. What kind of woman does that? Is she a mother? Do she have a mother?”

According to, Meek was charged in a drug and gun case when he was 19, and as a result, he’s spent most of his adulthood on probation under the authority of Judge Brinkley.

Al Sharpton also shared his support for Meek. Then, the rapper spoke to the crowd on a brief call and said “I want to be a light for Philadelphia.”

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