#MikeEpps, he and his wife Mechelle have been separated since June 2015, even though she lists their separation date as January 2016. Mechelle had accused her husband of cheating in the past, but was still blindsided by this! They are currently still ironing out alimony and child support payments and have not yet finalized their divorce.

Fast forward to earlier this week, it looks like Mike has decided to go public with his new girlfriend. Her name is #KyraRobinson and she is currently a producer for #IyanlaFixMyLife, but has worked many projects in the past including #KekePalmer’s ‘Just Keke’ talkshow.

Kyra attended Mike’s daughter Bria’s birthday back in May, and they even took pictures together! Clearly they’ve been dating for a while if the kids are on board.

Five days ago, Mike finally posted a picture of himself and Kyra together.


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She followed suit and put a lock emoji in her caption.

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Kyra is a very beautiful girl! What are your thoughts about people dating before their divorces are finalized?

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