It looks like some of our favorite actors in Hollywood will be teaming up for a new project that will capture the attention of many.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mike Epps, Terrence Howard and Paula Patton have signed to star in a new crime thriller called, “. 38,” directed by Michael Carney.

They are expected to start filming in Thomasville, GA in May, and this new project has been described as a combination of the 2012 film “End of Watch” and the 2004 film “Crash.”

According to the films synopsis, “.38 tracks a rookie cop on the mean streets of St. Louis as he spends his first night on the job and, after a brutal killing occurs, sees up close the bonds of loyalty, work and family that bind together the cops, both black and white.”

Terrence Howard will play a detective whose daughter goes missing on the “fateful night.”

Mike Epps will play a “seasoned cop” who is a family member to a neighborhood gang leader, and someone who doesn’t think much of the rookie cop.

Paula Patton is reportedly still in negotiation, but she is expected to join the cast as Epps’ partner, “who has to console the daughter of a murdered man but then joins other cops as they track down the killer.”

Michael Carney also penned the script along with Tim Clemente and Alexander Foard.


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