Grab your teacups #Roommates because this tea is juicy! The woman at the center of the Kevin Hart tape scandal revealed that she hooked up with the comedian three times while he was in Vegas for three days, according to Daily Mail.

Montia Sabbag, 26, spilled all the tea about when the sex tape was created, and said Kevin never mentioned that he had a wife.

She revealed the tape was made during the day and Kevin was completely sober. She said it all began a couple hours after she arrived with Kevin on a private jet. They were traveling with a group of mutual friends from Nevada to LA on August 19 and turned up for the three days while he was in town.

She claims that Kevin didn’t approach her until later on that night at the Marquee nightclub at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel.

“We were drinking, having fun, listening to the music, dancing. I was more focused on my friends, I didn’t go there for Kevin,” she said. “But Kevin did pay me a lot of attention, he was into me, I could tell.”

Later on that night Kevin and his crew invited Sabbag and her friends up to his suite and that’s when he made his move.

“We talked about life, you know, what are your dreams your aspirations,’ she said. ‘He was charming, he was funny.”

Apparently his charm wooed her over because she said the two ended up going off into his private suite.

“He made me feel comfortable, I don’t remember exactly what happened, it kind of just happened,” Sabbag said.

“Yes we were intimate, I did not know he was married but I found out later, I was a little bit upset, confused about it because the way he was acting it didn’t seem like he was married.”

“But I was caught in the moment, he’s an adult. We partied, we drank and we ended up being intimate three times over the course of three days.”

What’s interesting about this is that she says the tape was made the second time they had sex.

“Everybody believed that the video was the night of the nightclub and that we were only intimate once, but it was a completely different day, the second time (we had sex),” she said.

“If you really look at the tape it was during the day, it wasn’t a night thing, he (Kevin) was sober, there was obviously a connection, I’m not just someone he was with at night when he was intoxicated or something, it was more than that.”

“We were all back at the hotel room. There was quite a few people in the suite, it was a social gathering, a party. We hung out, listened to music.”

“Kevin was very public about his affection towards me.”

“We were hugging, kissing, touching and it made me believe he wasn’t married.”

Sabbag claims she was set up by ones of the partygoers that was in his suite.

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