In recent times we have seen docuseries on some pretty prominent moments throughout history. Now a docuseries on Rodney King is currently in the works.

According to Variety, Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary are developing a multi-part limited series on the life of Rodney King, through their company Revelations Entertainment.

They are partnering with director Sheldon Wilson, and they have acquired the rights to more than 20 hours of never-before-seen footage of Rodney King. The footage was filmed over a 12-year period before King’s death in 2012.

Through the footage shot by Dennis McDougal and Ira Abrams, the docuseries will explore King’s “youth with an alcoholic father, navigating behind-the-scenes turmoil during his civil trial, and his life post-trial dealing with his injuries and his status as a reluctant civil rights figure.”

Lori McCreary said to Variety, “Our company is about revealing the truth, and we thought this would be a great way to reveal the truth about who this man was. We’ve had such a narrow view of who he was. There’s so much more to the story. I’m excited to finally be able to reveal the truth.”

The project will be pitched to networks such as A&E, Amazon, CNN, HBO and Netflix, within the coming weeks, with a targeted release date in 2018.


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