A local employee at a San Antonio Walmart in Texas used his intuition, which is now being praised, for saving lives after police made a gruesome discovery of 8 dead bodies in a tractor trailer behind the local shopping center. 

According to CNN, a tractor trailer was parked behind the Texas Walmart and started to raise eyebrows after a man from the trailer went inside the store to ask an employee for water. This led the Walmart employee to call 911 and ask the officers to perform a welfare check. Soon after police arrived, they found 8 dead bodies inside the trailer and around 30 people suffering from various injuries. 

“We are looking at a human-trafficking crime here,” stated San Antonio Police Chief, William McManus. Reports say that 17 people are now in serious condition and 13 have been deemed critical.  

“Unfortunately, some of them were severely overheated, and that was a refrigerated truck with no refrigeration,” stated San Antonio Fire Chief, Charles Hood. “So the inside of the truck was just austere condition that nobody was going to survive in it. So we were very fortunate that they were found because if they would have spent another night in that environment, we would have 38 people who would not have survived.”

Police are now conducting a federal and state investigation and have declined to provide the media with any new information. The driver of the tractor trailer has also been taken into custody and is facing state and federal charges. 

TSR Staff: @maurita.salkey

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