Roommates, I know you’ve heard someone tell you to give up your black card at least once in your life time. Whether it’s because you’ve never seen Friday, go outside in the winter time with flip flops or the fact that you straighten your hair every. single. day. *Sigh* I just can’t. Here’s a list of things that will definitely have you coughin’ up that black card!! #ProtectYaNeck, Roommates!

1.) Snitch

This one’s pretty self-explanatory

2.) Talk back to my momma

She literally slapped the black off of him. I can’t say this hasn’t happened to me before smh. 
3.) Slam a door in the house

Mom used to be ready for someone to slam a door, especially after an argument! That meant that a** though! 
4.) Change the radio station without permission

“Don’t you ever touch a black man’s radio!”
5.) Eat just ANYBODY’S mac and cheese 

Ma’am. Sir. That’s just something you don’t do. Not everybody was blessed with cooking hands! 
6.) Roll my eyes at my momma

I swear, Mom’s be daring you to slip up! 

7.) Stan for Iggy Azalea 

8.) Wear flip flops and shorts during winter 

Yo, I don’t know how this is even a thing!! Best believe, it is down here in the South. 
9.) Sleep without a bonnet

One does not sleep without her hair covered. 
10.) Vote for Donald Trump
Yeah, NO! 

By the way, you can get your “F*ck Trump” dad hats at starting tomorrow!!

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