The player of the year award might just go to NFL star Dante Fowler, and not because of his football skills!

Let me tell you about the foolery that occurred! So Dante and a girl who is believed to be his side chick,  were at an apartment complex in Florida back on Feb 1st.

A video surfaced showing Dante’s baby mother confronting the two by the elevator. Now mind you Fowler is a big dude and can easily stop these women. Anyways, from the video the two women look like they might be arguing, which is likely when your man is with his side chick.

What happens next though? Fowler motions for his baby mother to attack his side chick! What?!

She kicks off her slippers and goes to town on the girl while Dante just watches the two go at it! After a while he breaks the two up from the brawl and leaves the building. But guess which one he leaves with? The side chick! Lawddddd. Tew much!

What’s your reaction to the video?


TSR Staff: Chinny @Miss_ChinChin on IG!

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