Last month everyone was surprised when the “Food with Integrity” company, Chipotle, had an E.Coli outbreak in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.  

Chipotle is no doubt a popular go to place when hunger strikes, so that shocker was not cool. Unfortunately the news is only getting worse, as six more states have people affected with E. coli from the restaurant chain! 

It’s reported that more than 40 people have fallen ill and almost all of them got sick a week after eating there. According to the CDC, so far there are two in California, two in Minnesota, one in New York, one in Ohio, 13 in Oregon, and 26 in Washington. 

As of now investigators are still trying to figure out the specific cause of the breakout. 

Like any company in a bad crisis like this, shares plummeted over 12% when the news broke. It’s at the lowest it’s been all year 

Thankfully there have only been hospitalizations, but no deaths.

To all my Chipotle lovers out there I feel your pain! Hopefully they get it together soon cause I’m hungry! 


TSR Staff: Chinny @Miss_ChinChin on IG!  

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