A Louisiana police officer that was injured during the 2016 protests in Baton Rouge is now suing notable Black Lives Matter leaders.

The protests erupted following the killing of Alton Sterling.

According to Complex, earlier this week the unnamed officer filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter activists DeRay Mckesson, Johnetta “Netta” Elzie, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometti.

The lawsuit “alleges members of Black Lives Matter incited the violence and failed to condemn illegal behavior that ultimately led to the deaths of three other officers.”

Following the protest, former U.S. Marine Gavin Long was identified as the person who shot six police officers during the protest, which lead to the death of three of the officers.

Court documents later linked Long to the Sovereign Citizen Movement, but not Black Lives Matter.

The injured officer is now reportedly seeking at least $75,000 in damages.



Source: http://www.complex.com/life/2017/07/officer-wounded-baton-rouge-shooting-sues-black-lives-matter-leaders

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