Jesse Williams’ estranged wife is pissed at Jesse, once again, because he introduced her most prized possessions to his new girlfriend… their children!

According to TMZ, Aryn Drake-Lee says Jesse has been taking their two children over to his new boo’s house, and she claims the kids call her “Mama C.” She’s also salty that he took the kids on a mini getaway to Big Bear Mtn. with his sweet Valentine.

Aryn feels some type of way about all of this because she says it’s a violation of their custody agreement which details that they’re supposed to wait 6 months before introducing the children to a new boo.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also pissed at Jesse for bringing some good ole’ cupcakes to their daughters school for her 4th birthday, which she claims is a slap in the face to her because the school picks one day out of the every month to celebrate all of the students birthdays collectively.

She said her daughter was “mad at [her] for not attending her birthday party” at school.

A source close to the estranged couple claims that Aryn is just mad that Jesse is well-liked out here in these streets and is doing her best to be seen as the victim.

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