Y’all it looks like Omarosa Manigault doesn’t have as much “pull” in the White House as she thought she had. According to sources, she tried to use her senior White House official title for exclusive access for her wedding photos… but it all backfired!

Politico reports that Omarosa and her 39-person bridal party showed up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for an extended wedding photo shoot back in April. The only problem is senior aides and security officials were not notified and were caught by surprise to see the “Apprentice” star in her wedding dress.

Her guests were reportedly loud, freely wandering around, and snapping photos in the Rose Garden and West Wing without permission. The incident caused such stir that the White House banned her from posting the pictures online, citing ethical and security concerns.

Omarosa — who married to Pastor John Allen Newman on April 8 at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. — currently serves as the director of communications for the Office of the Public Liaison.

Roommates, did she try it or what?!

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Photo: Kevin Winter @GettyImages

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