Media mogul #OprahWinfrey recently opened up about how sometimes she has troubling days and revealed what she does to overcome those days. On the latest episode of Goop‘s podcast with actress #GwynethPaltrow, Winfrey says that she reads through historical documents from slave plantations in order to get back in tune with how far she’s come.

“I will speak their names out loud,” Oprah explained to Paltrow. “I will speak their names out loud — Douglas, and Jenna, and Carrie, and Sarah and Anna — and their ages, and their prices, and remind myself of how far I have come. And no crisis seems that much of a crisis after you look at the names, the ages, the prices of people who were before you — who made this way possible.”

Oprah also looks at a painting called “To The Highest Bidder” by Harry Herman Roseland which depicts an slave named Anna who is holding her child, Sarah, while waiting to be auctioned off. “When you come in my house, that’s the first thing you see and that is the grounding painting for me,” Oprah says of the painting.

Catch up on the rest of Oprah’s interview here.

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