#Roommates, about two weeks ago #PDiddy posted a photo of #JayZ, #KendrickLamar & #Nas trying to show love on the ‘gram to his famous friends. The only problem was #FrenchMontana also posted the same picture but his version (the unedited one) had himself and #Fabolous in the pic as well, sparking the latest #DiddyCrop!
It didn’t take long before social media took notice and thought #Diddy was just throwing shade at #French and #Fab but turns out it was all a big misunderstanding!
On a recent appearance on #Ellen, the photo was brought up and Diddy took the time out to explain the cropping. Apparently, he has a personal photographer/social media person who sends him pictures he uses on Instagram. Turns out the young man in charge of sending him his photos decided to crop out French and Fabulous (for aesthetic reasons) and didn’t tell Diddy.
Diddy posted the picture and before he knew it #DiddyCrop was alive and well again! Diddy made sure to mention there was no bad blood between anyone in the photo and he didn’t think anyone should have been photoshopped out of the photo to begin with.
 It really be ya own people #Roommates!
Source: Ellen Show

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