On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles became the new Super Bowl champs, beating the New England Patriots 41-33.

Now with the Eagles as the reigning champs, one of the most asked questions is whether or not the players plan to make the traditional visit to the White House.

Last year some players from the New England Patriots decided to skip the White House, so it’s no shock that some of this year’s champs are going to do the same.

According to CNN, Eagles safety, Malcolm Jenkins, who raised his fist during the National Anthem during Sunday’s game said, “Nah, I personally do not anticipate attending.”

Wide receiver Torrey Smith, who also raised his fist during the anthem said, “They call it the anthem protest. We’re not protesting the anthem. It’s a protest during the anthem. I understand why people are mad or may be offended when someone takes a knee. My father, when he dies, is going to be buried with an American flag draped around his casket, being that he served in the Army.”

Eagles defensive Chris Long and running back LeGarrette Blount, were a part of the Patriots during last year’s win and also skipped the trip to the White House.

Blount said, “I just don’t feel welcome into that house. I’m just gonna leave it at that.”



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