Philando Castile’s father is demanding a portion of the $3 million settlement reached in his son’s tragic death.

According to The Grio, Phelix Frazier Sr. is currently serving a life sentence in a Minnesota prison on drug trafficking charges. Reports say Frazier asked a Hennepin County judge to grant him $500,000. He also disputes claims he was an absent father in Philando’s life.

“It was not just Valerie’s loss,” he wrote in his petition from prison. Frazier also added Philando’s death impacted him even more due to the lack of time he spent with him. “On some level, I believe I will miss Philando (more) than most because of what we ‘were not’ able to do together,” he wrote.

The judge said on Wednesday that she was likely going to approve Valerie Castile’s proposal, which means she’ll receive the funds in its full amount after the legal team is paid. The judge also pointed out while they do commend Frazier’s counterclaim, he does not qualify to receive any funds due to the life sentence he is serving.

Frazier also petitioned for Philando’s half sister Allysza Castile to receive a portion of the settlement. The judge denied the request, saying “there are ‘elements’ in her life that are not conducive to her receipt of a large sum of money at this time.”

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