Newly appointed Education Secretary, #BetsyDeVos was blocked from entering a middle school in Washington D.C. this morning.

In a video clip from ABC, she is attempting to enter Jefferson Middle School, until she is greeted by a blockade of protesters. One of them is holding a #BlackLivesMatter sign while criticizing the Education Secretary for allegedly buying her way into her cabinet position.

“Keep giving money to senators and buying your way to the position,” he said. “I hope you’re proud of yourself.”

DeVos has not been well-received since settling into her new job earlier this week.

In addition to being accused of donating almost $1 million to the senators who voted for her, she has been criticized for her lack of experience in education, and many have expressed their lack of support for her tuition voucher agenda. The latter would take money away from public schools and seems to favor the privileged.

Via LA Times:

“Because they are defined as “private,” voucher schools operate by separate rules, with minimal public oversight or transparency. They can sidestep basic constitutional protections such as freedom of speech. They do not have to provide the same level of second-language or special-education services. They can suspend or expel students without legal due process. They can ignore the state’s requirements for open meetings and records. They can disregard state law prohibiting discrimination against students on grounds of sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or marital or parental status.”

DeVos eventually was able to enter the school where the District of Columbia Public Schools issued a statement saying that she had “a productive meeting” with the students and staff.

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