R. Kelly is claiming his innocence again! In a statement released on Friday, the R&B singer says he’s “heartbroken” about the multiple sexual abuse allegations against him, and says this is just an attempt to distort and destroy his legacy .

In the statement released by his management team, Kelly said he is “a God-fearing man, a son, a brother, and most importantly a father,” but the media “has dissected and manipulated these false allegations.”

He added that the accusations “perpetuated by the media” are just an “attempt to distort my character and to destroy my legacy that I have worked so hard to build.”

As far as the sex cult accusations, the statement says R. Kelly “has close friendships with a number of women who are strong, independent, happy, well cared for and free to come and go as they please… We deny the many dark descriptions put forth by instigators and liars who have their own agenda for seeking profit and fame.”

“All of the women targeted by the current media onslaught are legal adults of sound mind and body, with their own free will. Law enforcement officials in Atlanta and Chicago previously have made ‘wellness’ visits to check on the women in question and have found nothing to cause alarm,” the statement concluded.

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