Rick Ross’ MMG artist Fat Trel got caught up in a bad situation over the weekend. He was at a Maryland casino using fake bills!

Trel was at the casino on Easter Sunday casually breaking the law. He handed nine fake $50 bills to the pitt boss before he was called out for the counterfeit cash. *Note* of all places a casino is not the place to try it! 

According to TMZ, The pit boss noticed that the eight and ninth bill had the same serial number and immediately contacted the cops. 

Of course Fat Trel was singing to a different tune, claiming he was innocent. He said he got the cash from a 7-Eleven ATM in D.C. He was arrested and charged with possession of counterfeit currency. Yikes! Not a good look! 


TSR Staff: Chinny @Miss_ChinChin on IG!  

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