A guy by the name of Jean Paul wants #RayJ to run him a check for allegedly starting an electric scooter business behind his back after agreeing they would be partners. Jean Paul is claiming he initially had a partnership with where Ray J would be an investor and a celebrity endorser for an electronic scooter business according to @TMZ_TV.

However, Ray J has since responded to the allegations and clams the “Scoot-E-Bike” is his idea and Jean Paul is just trying to swindle him out of his coins!

In fact, Ray J’s manager #DavidWeintraub claims there was never an agreement in place between Ray J and Jean Paul and that
Scoot-E-Bike is 100% independently owned, financed, trademarked and promoted by Ray J alone.

No word on what the next steps are in the lawsuit but with this much money at stake, let’s hope the outcome is reached peacefully!

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2018/01/11/ray-j-scoot-e-bike-lawsuit-shakedown/

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