#RemyMa visited The Breakfast Club this morning where she gave her two cents about #MeekMill’s controversial prison sentence. She also managed to throw hella shade towards Meek about comments that the Dreamchasers rapper made during his last visit!

Remy started by explaining how parole sentences are designed to set you up to fail. “They set it up so that you go back, and it’s sad when you’re a celebrity it’s even worse because people are paying attention,” she said. “It’s hard sometimes when you’re trying to be good, and you’re trying to do the right thing. It’s like no matter what you do, you never finish paying your debt to society.”

Now, at the tail end of this convo, Remy said that she feels bad about Meek having to do more time, but she jokingly teased him about something he said in a past visit to the Breakfast Club! “I feel bad that he had to do all that time, but he should have been [more nice] to me when he was up here talking about what he did and what he didn’t tell me.” Oop!

Of course, she’s referring to one of Meek’s prior interviews where he denied telling Remy anything about Nicki Minaj’s body extremities.

Catch all the tea below!



TSR STAFF: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on IG, @tallyohhh on Twitter
Source: https://www.vibe.com/2017/11/remy-ma-breakfast-club-interview-nicki-minaj-meek-mill/

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