Now listen, all we know for sure is that Rick Ross is having a birthday party extravaganza that’s supposed to be bananas tonight. But check this out, our roommates notified us that Rick had his ex girlfriend (entrepreneur) Shateria on his snap chat today. If you didn’t know, he broke up with his ex-fiancé Lira Galore a little while ago.

Moving on, Shateria was wearing a very distinct dress on his snap. But the thing that made this weird was his alleged new boo Court was headed to the same party tonight, in the same zamn DRESS.
See below:

This could be one of three things: 1) Rick Ross could be playing both women by buying them the same dress and having them show up to the same party. Now that would be twisted. That’s enough to make someone go cray cray. You never know, it’s his birthday he may want to go out of the 30’s with a bang.  2) It could have been a weird coincidence, the theme of the party was black and gold. However, that’s like lightning striking twice. 3) It’s a part of some kind of show or ceremony for his birthday?

That’s all I got.

What y’all think?

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