Rick Ross and 50 Cent’s beef with each other may never fully seize. Now after Ross’ baby momma, Lastonia Leviston was granted $7 million in a sex-tape scandal last year after 50 Cent unlawfully leaked the footage, the “Black Market” rapper feels this latest legal battle is ‘pay back’ against Leviston!


Exclusively revealed to the Jasmine Brand, on March 28 Rick Ross returned to court livid at the fact that 50 Cent has filed a $2 million lawsuit against the boss himself and an injunction, after accusing him of using his branded name for promotional purposes.


50 Cent is claiming that last year in November, when Ross was promoting his new album “Black Market,” he also put out a free mixtape which included a hit song of 50’s titled “In Da Club” ‘featuring’ 50 Cent on the song.


50 Cent believes that his stage name represents his brand overall in the entertainment industry and feels Ross only did such a thing for more buzz on his latest album.


The problem with this legal matter is that Ross is claiming 50 Cent doesn’t even own a copyright to the 2003 single “In Da Club.” Ross wants the case completely thrown out because this is not just about including the song on his free mixtape, but he thinks it has something to do with his his ex-girlfriend and baby momma, Lastonia Leviston, for being awarded damages from 50 Cent after he publicly released a sex tape of her without her consent!


Guess it’s up to the jury to decide!



TSR Intern: Charise W.

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(EXCLUSIVE) Rick Ross Claims 50 Cent’s $2 Million Lawsuit Is Revenge Over Baby Mama

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