I’d imagine going through heartbreak and having Rihanna as a friend would be something to the effect of us, Mary Jane, whiskey, blasting ‘Needed Me’ in the background and screaming at the top of our lungs on the “DID’NT THEY TELL YOU THAT I WAS A SAVAGE!? F*CK YOUR WHITE HORSE AND A CARRIAGE” part…Don’t @ me.

Anyway… Those of us not fortunate enough to experience that with Rih can resort to simply DMing her and hoping for a response.

One of Rih’s fans slid in her DM’s ‘talmbout’ “Hey Robs…how did you get over your first heartbreak?…I’ve been struggling”

Rih slid right back in his DM’s and gave him some real AF advice. She wrote, “Just believe that the heartbreak was a gift in itself! Cry if you have to, but it won’t be forever! You will find love again, and it will be even more beautiful! In the meantime, enjoy all that YOU are!!!!”

*Takes notes…


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