The term “season of giving” has taken on a new meaning with producer, Glass John. A Twitter rant ensued yesterday when he got to his tipping point with Anti not being released. 

It turns out that the album was supposed to drop on November 6th, John’s birthday. According to him, he is Rihanna’s man– not Scott and the album being released on his birthday was supposed to act as a coming out party, of sorts, for their secret relationship (he refers to her as his wife).

However, the producer is alleging that Scott has been given too much influence over R8, which he insisted on titling ANTI, and wants the people to be more demanding of Anti before it’s released! Coupled with that, he is putting doubt in Rih’s mind that the album just isn’t good enough yet.

Remember when we reported that the Today Show had tweeted that Rihanna was going to release ANTI on Christmas? Well, that turned out to be true as well, according to John, but Travis encouraged roc Nation not to release it because it wasn’t “perfect.” There was so much shade being thrown at Travis that I can’t even tell what season it is right now. 

 John reveals how challenging it was dating Rihanna when she had just broken up with Chris Brown the second time around and how it was working with him on her album. He also calls out some producers who have been using his tracks without giving credit and recalls working with Beyonce! This teaaaa, I cannot!
Check out the LONG Twitter rant below! 

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