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Dear Shaderoom,

I just stumbled across some tea…or should I say dirty Sprite! So, Lil Yachty did this freestyle recently and said, “My dream girl’s ex boyfriend drives a Charger so I know I got a chance with that chick.” Then it dawned on me… India Love’s ex, Cliff Dixon, drives a brand new Charger!! The Soulja Boy vs. Lil Yachty beef makes so much sense now.

It looks like SB caught wind of India and Yachty dating and got BIG mad, otherwise why would he have posted all those pics of India? So petty! Anyway, maybe Yachty’s cake is just way up right now. He got that Sprite money y’all!

Also, can we talk about the shade he threw at Cliff’s car? Lol! What’s wrong with a Charger, Yachty?!”

Oop! Roommates, do you think Yachy and India would make a great couple? They are officially on #BaeWatch!

Watch the video below via Hot 97:

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