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Dear Shaderoom,

So you may or may not have seen me during the VMA’s when I made my debut dancing behind Rihanna during her “work” performance. Yes that’s me with the locs  in the back. Notice anything familiar? You should because your fave jacked my STYLE & STEELO!

She snatched my hairstyle and everything now she’s getting praised for being original. Yea right, her style is originally ME boo.

I guess it's flattery

A photo posted by @nothingnessinadress on

I feel like she pays no homage to those who inspire her but was getting on Kim K about rocking the same sweats as her. I’ve had these locs all my life, and I’ve been living Rasta culture all my life. This is who I am. It’s not a trend. I have to call her out!


Not So o-RIH-ginal

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