Three days ago, #TrueBlood actor #NelsanEllis passed away after complications from heart failure. We later learned from his family that the hard failure was onset by alcohol withdrawal making the his death that much more of a difficult pill to swallow.

Throughout this time, many of his fellow cast mates have shared kind words of endearment regarding Ellis and the latest to do so is #QueenSugar actress #RutinaWesley. She shared a beautiful poem with Entertainment Tonight which reads:

“He was a lover, he loved everything which is why people didn’t understand him. That’s the beauty of it. He thought everything was beautiful. Everything. So poetic, charasmatic, an energy none can compare…one who touched so many forever, deep, in places they cannot reach….a spirit so divine and fine….a chameleon…transforming before you and you….transforming because of him. He could move your soul to whole….in a moment….an arTeest!…like nothing I’ve seen or will ever see again. A darkness wrapped up in light, tight, yearning…searching…moving seas of hearts with a smile that darts…right through you….how I loved you…fiercely vulnerable shining beacon…stand tall my friend, rest, peace has finally found you…..”
Check out the rest of Nelsan’s ‘True Blood’ cast mates had to say:

Anna Paquin played Sookie Stackhouse

Stephen Moyer played Bill Compton

Kristin Bauer played Pamela Swynford De Beaufort

Joe Manganiello played Alcide Derveaux

Rest In Peace, Nelsan!




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