Last year Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe made headlines after they got into a confrontation during a party that was held in Crowe’s hotel suite. At the time Banks was a guest of RZA at the party, and as we all now know, it didn’t end too well.

According to The Fader,  RZA recently confirmed some of the details from that night, which included Crowe spitting at Banks.

During an interview at The Breakfast Club, RZA was asked about the October 2016 incident, in which he confirmed Crowe did, in fact, spat at Banks.

He said, “Look he spit at her. I saw that…he didn’t spit on her. It almost got on me.”

When asked if he checked Crowe about that moment, RZA responded, “Yeah he apologized to me,” making it unclear whether or not Banks received an apology as well.

In a Facebook post that followed the 2016 incident, RZA explained that he saw Banks behave as an “obnoxious erratic individual.”

Banks took to social media to comment on RZA’s recent comments and said, “Nobody understands how badly I wanted to die the moment rza LIED and told the world I deserved to be spat. People laughed at me and said I lied. No one understands the amount of pain that came with and after that incident.” Her posts ended with “@RZA I HOPE YOU DROP DEAD.”

Banks filed a police report against Crowe in October 2016, but it was later dropped by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office in December 2016.

During the interview, RZA also spoke about his upcoming film, “Love Beat Rhymes, starring Banks, which he praised her for her talents regardless of last year’s incident.



Check out RZA’s interview below:



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