It looks like Sean Kingston may be in another situation where money is owed for a piece of jewelry, and now he is being sued.

According to TMZ, back in 2013 Kingston purchased a $46,000 Rolex, but the check to the jeweler bounced and there is still money owed for the watch.

Norman Silverman Diamonds reportedly said back in June of 2013, Kingston paid $10,000 for the watch upfront, and then sent a check for $36,000 a few days later to have it shipped to a business associate.

Reportedly the check did not clear, and this happened after the watch was already shipped off.

According to the lawsuit, in September of 2013, the jeweler was able to collect $15,000 more from Kingston, but he has reportedly been silent on the remaining balance of $21,353.

It has been almost four years, now the jeweler wants Kingston to pay up and he is also seeking additional money for damages and lawyer fees.


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