Authorities have been on the hunt for a stolen computer snatched from a secret service agent’s vehicle early Thursday. When the story first broke, it was reported that the laptop contained the Trump Towers’ floor plan and evacuation protocol. 
TMZ is reporting that the floor plan information should not be considered a threat because the information that was stored on the computer is supposedly not classified, and already available to the public.  
The Agency said in a statement Friday, “The U.S. Secret Service can confirm that an employee was the victim of a criminal act in which our Agency issued laptop computer was stolen…Secret Service-issued laptops contain multiple layers of security including full disk encryption and are not permitted to contain classified information.”

When the laptop was stolen, it was resting in the agent’s backpack, which was stolen as well. Other items that were reportedly in the bag are “the agent’s label assignment pins that gave her access to security details that protected Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the pope and the United Nations General Assembly.”

This is what happens when you leave important information and materials in your car in Brooklyn–even the Bath Beach section! 

Anywho, the laptop has since been recovered but did not contain any of the above-mentioned items. An investigation is to follow. 

Source: CNN,

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