Despite what the American Meteorological Society calls “indisputable” evidence, Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, made it known that he still didn’t believe that carbon dioxide was a primary contributor to climate change last week.

Scientists likened his argument to disputing whether or not gravity exists and due to extensive research, thousands of them have concluded that carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions are the driving forces of climate change.

What everyone does seem to agree on is that no one can come to an agreement on the topic. Secretary of Defense General, James Mattis. has an opposing viewpoint from President Trump and others in his administration. The former Marine Corps officer addressed senators today where he explained that climate change is a threat to national security and urged preparedness.

“Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today,” he told senators. In his response to a question about how to address the threat of climate change, Mattis said that the government will need to get involved.

“If confirmed, I will ensure that the Department of Defense plays its appropriate role within such a response by addressing national security aspects.”

He added, “I agree that the effects of a changing climate — such as increased maritime access to the Arctic, rising sea levels, desertification, among others — impact our security situation. I will ensure that the department continues to be prepared to conduct operations today and in the future and that we are prepared to address the effects of a changing climate on our threat assessments, resources, and readiness.”

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