Actress/ singer Sheryl Lee Ralph has been killing the stage and screen for many years, and recently she made a visit to Hollywood Today Live, where she talked about turning down an offer to be a part of Donald Trump’s team.

During her interview she was asked about Omarosa Manigault now being in the White House along with Donald Trump, and Sheryl Lee Ralph had an interesting story to share.

She mentioned that her and Omarosa have been friends for years, although they do not share the same political outlook and thoughts on certain things. Nonetheless, she had to question Omarosa’s involvement with the Trump administration.

She said, “Omarosa and I meet at this church event. And I say, ‘Girlfriend, please don’t tell me your taking.. you’re doing.. what why?”

Ralph continued, “And she said, ‘Sheryl, I am going to the White House. I will have an office in the White House. I am riding this train and I’ve got a ticket for you if you would like to come along. And I was like, ‘Girlfriend; Imma have to miss that train.’”

Since Trump has been in office, Omarosa has been working as the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison. Recently she was involved with helping the presidents and representatives of HBCU’s meet with Donald Trump at the White House.

That meeting alone caused many people to express their opinions.


Check out Sheryl Lee Ralph’s interview below:


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