New footage from Shia LaBeouf’s arrest in this past weekend show him saying some not-so-nice things to a Savannah, Georgia police officer. In the video, released by TMZ, the actor tells a black cop he’s going to hell and claims he was only arrested because he’s white.

“You’re going to hell, straight to hell, bro,” he said while being fingerprinted. After a white cop responded, “That doesn’t mean he’s going to hell.” Shia shot back with, “It means a whole lot, bro.”

He went on to say that his arresting officer was racist. “A black man arrested me for being white,” he claimed.

After the video hit the Internet, the actor shared the following apology on his social media accounts.

Words from Shia himself

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As we reported earlier, Shia was arrested for disorderly conduct, obstruction and public drunkenness on Saturday morning.

Roommates, check out the video yourself and tell us your thoughts.

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