Move over Whopper Jr., The Big Mac Jr. Is here–and with a plus one, The Grand Mac!

McDonald’s has had its fair share of revamping its menu and this time they decided to keep the ingredients traditional.

According to Buzz Feed the food chain stumbled upon this idea while brainstorming a master plan to turnaround company sales.

The authentic two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun now comes in sizes for the whole family! Customers reportedly wanted the burger bigger or smaller and now they have options!

The Mac Jr. only gets one 1/6 lb. patty and the Grand Mac gets two and a bigger bun! A regular Big Mac gets two as well, however the two patties are 1/10 lb.

Ohio and Dallas, Texas got to test run the new burgers and apparently they did well because they’re making their way to a city near you soon. If the new Macs do well during their winter promotion, there’s a great chance they’ll be added to the menu permanently!

“If they’re crushing it, we’ll keep it rolling,” McDonald’s chef, Mike Haracz said.
Are y’all here for it, #Roommates?!

Source: BuzzFeed,

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