The NBA’s Summer League is currently underway as the up and coming rookies show off their skills and how they’re adapting to the NBA performance level.

On Wednesday Lakers rookie, Lonzo Ball lit up social media after he put on one hell of a show. However, it wasn’t only his performance that gained attention. Everyone couldn’t help to mention that he balled out in a pair of Nike’s opposed to his family’s Big Baller Brand sneakers.

One fan tweeted, “Nike really does make a difference in the way you hoop! Ask Lonzo Ball.” Even LeBron James made mention of it via his Instagram using the Nike slogan, “Just. Do. It!”

Lonzo responded to everyone when he spoke with TNT’s David Aldridge. He said, “When you’re a big baller, you can wear whatever you want.”

According to Bleacher Report, Lonzo wore his own shoe in two previous games, so when it came to his recent switch up he said on Sports Center, “At BBB, you can play in what you want. I already played in both of my shoes, might as well get the ‘Mamba Mentality’ going. Put ’em on, and it worked out tonight.”

ESPN’s Darren Rovell spoke with LaVar Ball where he said, “Lonzo is not forced to wear any brand and can play in any shoe he wants as long as it’s OK with the NBA. This is what being independent is all about.”


Check out the social media reactions below:



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