Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sergeant La David Johnson, says the US government didn’t allow her to see her husband’s body before his burial. In an interview with “Good Morning America,” she opens up about the lack of information she’s received regarding how and when he died.

“The questions that I have that I need answered is I want to know why it took them 48 hours to find my husband,” she said. “Why couldn’t I see my husband? Every time I asked to see my husband, they wouldn’t let me… I don’t know what’s in that box. It could be empty for all I know, but I need to see my husband. I haven’t seen him since he came home.”

La David Johnson was one of four U.S. soldiers killed on October 4th in an ambush in Niger. According to reports, he was missing for at least 24 hours before his remains were discovered.

“When they came to my house, they just told me that it was a massive gunfire and my husband, as of October 4th, was missing. They didn’t know his whereabouts, they didn’t know where he was, or where to find him,” she shared. “A couple days later is when they told me that he went from ‘missing’ to ‘killed in action.’ I don’t know how he got killed or where he got killed or anything.”

As we’ve previously reported, there was also controversy about Donald Trump’s condolence call to the Johnson family. Myeshia claims he couldn’t even remark her husband’s name and he told her that “he knew what he signed up for.” Trump as since denied those reports.

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