The year just started, and someone was definitely determined to make a lasting impression on the first day by making alterations to the famed Hollywood sign. 

According to CBS Los Angeles, Sergeant Trudeau of Security Services said the incident occurred after midnight on Sunday. 

Someone climbed the mountain, and managed to throw two large tarps over the o’s turning them into e’s, so it can read, “Hollyweed.” 

According to police, the suspects are still unknown, but the incident is being investigated as a misdemeanor charge of trespassing.

An official from the Hollywood sign says this is not the first time the sign has been the target of a prank. 

Back on January 1, 1976, the same exact incident occurred. 

Authorities plan on viewing the security footage to find out who is responsible, but it is unclear if they will release the footage to the public. 

Well the saying, “history repeats itself” is definitely true.

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