Roommates, have y’all ever tried to get a group of friends together to go on a #SpringBreak trip? It can be a little stressful planning seven days of pure, unadulterated fun for some young adults, however it’s all worth it in the end. Let’s see if you guys have ever experienced the following:



Inviting 20 people and only 5 end up coming


Weave or braids? #TheStruggle


Hoping that you saved up enough coins to last you the whole trip!


Taking pics in all your swimsuits so you can see the right angles to sit and pose in


When your man ain’t been acting right and you’re contemplating getting your groove back


Getting lit on the plane, because sometimes the drinks are free!


Taking pictures of everything so your friends who didn’t RSVP will be jealous


Making sure you’ve packed all of your clothes, because a bish needs options for every outing


Living in the moment, because you only get so many Spring Breaks!




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