Angela Gabriel, mother of four, was shot four times, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down and is fighting a strong battle; and TSR is fighting with her! We are so lucky she is still in the fight and we ask for your support! As a community let’s help this beautiful soul during this time! If you’d like to contribute, click the link in our bio!
Angela wears many hats as we hear! On top of being a devoted mother of four, she is a veteran, volunteer, and local Keller Williams Realtor. 
Her $50k goal is being promised to go toward assistance with her bills and living expenses. As her family states, when you’re a realtor and can’t work, you can’t make money.

Her children are 21, 9, 6, and 18-months-old. The youngest of the crew has Downs syndrome child. 

Her family has been updating her fundraiser site and while Angela tries to remain in high spirits, as you can imagine, still has her down time but that’s why we want to help keep her looking up!

“Her family and friends are thankful she is a ALIVE. The Medical staff, family and friends also say it is a Miracle she is alive. She’s in good spirits and feels blessed to be loved by so many people. She is still in a lot of pain yet her focus is on her children and all of their futures. Her road to recovery will be a long and arduous one and the bills are already coming. Her recovery and rehabilitation will span years. She will have to learn to function in a whole new manner and as a new person,” they write. 

“When we tell you she’s an amazing and strong woman – that is an understatement’l her family writes. “When Angela was first shot, her mindset and thoughts were that she had to stay alive! She told herself to keep breathing and that she had to live for her kids.”

“We want to ask each of you to pray and search your heart and help us support her. As you know if a Realtor doesn’t work, they do not get paid. We would love for each person to donate anything you can to help with her current bills and living expenses!”

This is truly a miracle that Angela pulled through! Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. If you’d like to donate to her cause, click the link below!
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