Have you ever ordered your usual macchiato or latte at Starbucks (no matter what size) and you reach to grab the cup from the counter, and it immediately starts to spill just a tad because obviously your coffee cup is completely filled? Well if not, you may have a lawsuit under your hands similar to these two California residents who are seeking damages because of their inadequate portions!

According to TMZ, two people are suing Starbucks because the worldwide company isn’t satisfying their customer’s needs to fill their coffee cups to the tippy-top! They’re claiming it doesn’t matter if they order a tall, grande or venti, because it’s almost always 25% lower than what they’d paid for.

No names have been dropped yet of the two that are fighting these claims, except only to call out the CEO of the barista family himself, Howard Schultz, for reducing the substance of milk in their latte’s! They are also claiming that the milk produces foam at the top, in which only gives an illusion that their cups are completely filled by saying: “In the food science community, as well as in the weights and measures community, foam is not measured on a volumetric basis.”

Starbucks menu’s are subject to give their customers 12, 16 and 20 ounces, but apparently it’s been cut short and only these two in California are seeking coins because of it!

TSR Intern: Charise W.

Instagram: @planet_reese


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