#Roommates, don’t expect to see #VivicaFox in a strip club with her old business partner anytime soon. The actress has had a major fall out with her former partner Jean-Claude LaMarre and it’s getting messy!

Jean Claude is claiming she ruined his “Black Magic” male stripper revue by badmouthing him and stealing his talent. In the suit, LaMarre claims Vivica actively tried to torpedo promotions for his show by calling it a “fake,” and telling her fans to avoid “Black Magic” like the plague. And, Vivica didn’t stop there!

Here’s how it all went down #Roommates…

Things went south for the pair when Fox insinuated that the dancers would only strip for women in an interview with The Breakfast Club. The LGBTQ community took her remarks as homophobic and Jean Claude apologized on her behalf calling the comments “out of order.”

According to LaFarre, Fox was infuriated that he apologized on her behalf so she retaliated against him by launching her own traveling dance show, “Xplicit Minds.” She also recruited four dancers from the TV show, getting them to defect from LaMarre’s “Black Magic Live.”

Vivica was so vocal about it she even took to Twitter when LaMarre promoted his revue tweeting: “I will not be at this show and neither will most of the dancers! Buyer beware.”

The suit states, as a result of Fox’s defamatory social media campaign, LaMarre’s customers canceled “Black Magic Live” tickets and demanded refunds at shows.

The two will be heading to court to battle it out. Roommates, whose side are you on?

Source: http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/vivica-fox-jean-claude-lamarre-black-magic-lawsuit-1202454564/

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