Congratulations to @lowkeyjodib, @incognito_couponer1, @moregangtaj, @chizgang and @lizzzneptune for winning our #WTRMLNWTR + #TSRGivesBack giveaway this week! In order to have been considered for their prizes, each of these Roommates had to share some advice on transitioning to vegetarianism/ veganism or share their weight loss journey
with us.


Now that we’ve chosen then winners, we thought it would be helpful to share these tips with those of you who are in the same boat!

1.) Jodi says to stay in your lane and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s:

“When temptation arises, I recall my why! Then, go buy the meat substitute for whatever I’m craving from my nearest health store or vegan restaurant. I’m doing this for my health and longevity. When haters hate, I look in the mirror and realize I’m great and prosperous. Meditation keeps me grounded and I don’t compare my journey and my meal choices to others. I do what works for me and….it’s working!!”

2.) According to Liz, doing your research on food in general will help you stay motivated to keep going!

“I recommend everyone to do their research about the food that they put into their body! One minute you’ll be saying “I could never be vegan/vegetarian” and once you’ve learned more about food, cutting back on meat/dairy will be a cinch!”

3.) Taj says take your time to transition and learn to cook!

“Major word of Advice for aspiring vegetarians is to pace yourself in weening yourself off of meats & fish. Nothing happens overnight and quitting cold turkey tends to result in relapse (unless you have serious willpower).

Another word of advice learning to cook is major because majority of restaurants tend to use animal by products and cook their food with contaminated utensils and overall unclean kitchens. You can find many great recipes for free online or at your local library or bookstore.”

4.) Chisom says meal prep, meal prep, meal prep!!

“Some of the best tips I’ve given to my friends is to incorporate some vegetarian versions of their favorite dishes. It also helps to plan out meals ahead of time, like the beginning of each week, to avoid the frustration of having to think of meal ideas on the spot. There’s tons of recipes online for vegetarian versions of dishes from every culture. So I didn’t have to give up my Nigerian rice and stew or okra soup, just altered it. After awhile, it just becomes second nature.

Also, get a friend that’ll support you on your vegetarian journey, because lord knows there’s tons of negative opinions on it. Then, just start! It’s the best decision I’ve ever made for my body.”

5.) Maleika says stick to your plan!!

“I started exercising and put myself on a strict calorie counted diet that has allowed my body to drop 100 pounds. I still am wanting to get down about 10 more pounds, but at 180 pounds, I am the happiest that I’ve truly ever been! Life is so great and I’m so very thankful. Had I not stuck with my plan, I would not have had the success I’m experiencing!!”

There you have it, Roommates! We really hope that these tips can help your transition into a healthier lifestyle. Who’s trying to get done in 2017? *raises both hands*

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