It’s no secret that T-Boz has a 17-year-old daughter named Chase, but many were shocked to learn that she also has a little boy! T-Boz took to Instagram and shared an adorable photo of her son, Chance, who at the time was one year old.

T-Boz wrote:

“#internationalwomensday This is My Heart! Looking Back On this Special Day My Lil Big Man turned 1 years old! It’s NOT his Bday Today lol Babies are so Pure! At this Stage …They Always Kiss with Their Mouth Open 1st! Lol Now He knows how to say mmmmmmmmmuahhhh with his lips closed!!!! No more Slobber Bobber He Still Gives Me The Biggest Kisses Only When he feels like it! Other than that it’s usually like Mommy stop kissing me lol #TLC #TBeezy #Tlcarmy #TBoz #AMothersLove”

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