A dentist in Taiwan is probably wishing he had a different mother because he has been ordered by one of the country’s top courts to run his mother nearly $1 million for raising him and helping fund his dentistry training.

According to NY Daily News, the mother and son reportedly signed a contract back in 1997 where he agreed to pay his mom 60% of his monthly income after he attained his dentistry license. The dentist was 20 when he made this bizarre agreement with his mom.

The mom claims she had been hitting her son up for years for her coins but he refused to pay and she decided to take him to court.

She said she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on him and his brother following her divorce.

Sis must not have much faith in her sons because she had her son sign the contract because she was afraid that neither son would take care of her when she got old.

The dentist feels like he shouldn’t have had to pay anything because he was so young at the time. He also said he worked in his mother’s dental clinic for years after he graduated and help bring in more than enough to repay whatever he owed her.

The courts didn’t see it in his favor and ruled that the contract was still valid because he was an adult when he signed and wasn’t forced to do it.

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