This week on #TheReal, Tamera Mowry-Housely opened up to the ladies about what she prayed for when she was pregnant with her second child, Ariah. Tamera said she wanted her daughter to look like her so bad that she prayed about it.

Tamera: “This is “The Real” so I’m going to be honest. I really wanted Ariah to really look like me. Like, everything. Everything. I think she has my skin color and my eye color.”

Adrienne: “You prayed for that! I remember! She was like ‘Lord, let her be brown. Let her have black hair.’”

Tamera: “But she has a big head. Adam has a biiiiig head. But I love Adam’s big head.”

Adrienne: “She’ll grow into it.”

Loni: “Let me tell y’all. I was there at the birth and I love me some Ariah so do not take this personally Ariah, when you see this when you’re 18-years-old. Ariah was 10 pounds and one ounce. And when I tell you that head… I thought her head was 9 pounds.”

Tamera: “You guys…and recently, it was like two days ago, Ariah came down the stairs and what did you say Loni?”

Loni: “Ooo she look like her daddy.”

Looks like Tamera got her wish in the end!

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