Founder’s Chloe Arnold and Maud Arnold have been in the tap dancing industry for years. Now they have turned their dancing dreams into a reality by creating the “Syncopated Ladies” and even Beyonce is feeling them!


Chloe and Maud began tap dancing at a very young age growing up in Washington D.C. They’ve even worked with actress and choreographer Debbie Allen in the past. Since then, the sister duo began to venture off into creating a dance team that are as passionate about tap-dancing as they are called the “Syncopated Ladies.” The dance team has an extensive list of choreographed routines on their YouTube channel dancing to hit artists songs from Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and more. But one particular video caught the Queen Bee herself’s eye, as the group of ladies put together a tap dancing routine to the controversial hit song “Formation.”


Beyonce was so appreciative of the song that she published the video on her main website and it instantly gained attraction having more than six million views! The singer has nearly heightened their success even more because now media outlet like ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday invited the dance group to perform the tap version to “Formation!”


The “Syncopated Ladies” are based in Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C.


Chloe and Maud don’t just tap dance for their own entertainment, they continually inspire and mentor young dancers. Notably the Chloe and Maud Productions internationally. They’re dedicated to producing creative documentary films to showcase their talents and others.


They also started a foundation called the Chloe and Maud Foundation that focuses on training, mentoring, and hosting workshops for young entrepreneurs in the making.


The Chloe and Maud Productions just finished their 7th annual DC Tap Festival which began on March 14-21. The festival is a breakthrough for the district to widely introduce tap dance and film to young natives. The festival introduces master classes, jam sessions, dance and film competitions and much more!



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