#Roommates, a Bronx teen by the name of Luis Moux is being charged with manslaughter for choking his mother’s ex-boyfriend to death after walking in on her attack.

According to the NY Post, Police confirmed Luis’ mom Lorena Sesma and her ex-boyfriend Stanley Washington were arguing in the hallway of their building before Stanley followed Lorena into the apartment, and began violently beating her. Luis, who heard the commotion from his bedroom reportedly ran and wrapped his arms around Stanley’s neck and began choking him until Stanley lost consciousness and later died.

Though Luis has had no prior arrests, details are unclear whether or not he stopped choking his mother’s ex-boyfriend after he was able to get him off of her. Police also confirmed Stanley had 26 previous arrests, 2 of which were for domestic violence.

Moux was released on $50k bail and is back with his family.

#Roommates, do you think Moux was justified in defending his mother and should he be charged with manslaughter in this case?

Source: http://nypost.com/2017/08/15/teen-charged-with-choking-moms-abusive-ex-boyfriend-to-death/

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